About Us


Mental Health Over Everything was created with a two-fold mission: 1) To spread mental health awareness, and 2) Promote self-care. 

The Founder and CEO, Alexia J. Hogan, created this brand after spending over 20 years battling mental illness. She has overcome OCD, PTSD, panic disorder, agoraphobia, psychosis, major depression, chronic insomnia, hospitalizations, and in 2017, she survived suicide.

Alexia has now reclaimed her health, joy, and purpose in life, and aims to empower and educate others through her brand and story.

We at Mental Health Over Everything believe that mental health doesn't just matter, but that it's a crucial foundation of our lives.  So we've done our best to make sure that our products are comfortable, eco-friendly, and appealing.

We are also a proud partner of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention which funds scientific research for mental health as well as advocates for policies concerning suicide prevention. 10% of all profits are donated on a quarterly basis. (Click here to view the official partnership agreement.)


The Mental Health Over Everything Team